Baby acne can be the next problem for somebody who just delivered a baby. Not only attacking adult’s skin, acne can also attack your baby’s skin. This acne usually attacks 20% of newborn babies. It can affect your babies about 2 or 4 weeks after delivering process. You can find this acne on your baby’s head, cheeks, thigh, back body part, and other areas of his skin.

Besides that, if you find this case happens to your baby, you don’t need to be worried. It is common for us. It also can be the skin condition for temporary time. In common cases, this acne will disappear naturally even without taking any medical treatment.

Well, do you want to know more about this discussion? If you want to know about it, you can keep reading here. This article is going to discuss about causes, treatment, and more about baby acne. Let’s check reading below and find your best information only here.

What is Acne on Baby Skin?

This is kind of acne that develops on your baby’s face or other areas of body part. There are no any causes why it can develop its condition. First time it appears, you can find the smaller size of acne on his skin. It has reddish color for the first. Sometimes it can change into milk white color too. Then, it will be developed when your baby getting fever.

Some cases found that it can affect your baby about for 4 months. It will not also give black spots on the skin. So, you don’t need to be worried for facing acnes on baby. The longest period of this acne is only for 12 months. Meanwhile the worst case can happen to your baby for 3 years.

How this Acne Looks Like?

Like the explanation on previous paragraph, this acne has red color. It has similar look with adult’s acne too. This acne will appear like pimples or bumps. There is also white head that can appear as the developed affections of acnes. Then reddish color will surround the acne pimples.

Skin care looks like and how to treat

Well, it will affect on more number, when your baby is crying or fussy. Not only caused by your baby’s body temperature, it can also be irritated because fabric materials of your baby clothes. This case will be really like a spit liquid that hits baby’s face. Sometimes, it gives such a spot.

When actually it appears? It can present at baby’s birth moment. After that, it will be getting increased 4 weeks later after his birth. Meanwhile for common cases, it takes several months to be resolved. So, you don’t have to be worried for facing this acne problem. Besides it is common for babies, you only will need several weeks or months to make it disappeared.

How this Acne can be treated?

You don’t need medical treatment for solving acne problems on your baby’s skin. Meanwhile if you find stubborn form of acne, you can see your pediatrician. Usually they will give you medical cream to be used for reducing the acnes. Then, you also have to note this. You are not allowed to use acne facial washers or foams, lotions, and other over counter treatments. Why you cannot use them?

Well, as we know that baby has sensitive skin on his very young age. That’s why let your pediatrician prescribe any remedies that should be used. So, you will not give more irritation for your baby’s skin. It is because over counter treatments will be too strong for your baby, right?

Can Home Treatment Cure this Acne Problem?

There are some simple and natural ways for you clearing the acnes. You will need several things or ways for this. So, your baby’s skin health will be more possible. Do you want to know what those baby acne treatments are? Keep reading below! Here are some simple treatments that you can do.

First of all, you have to keep your baby’s face clean always. For keeping its cleanness, you can wash his face routinely. You only need to take warm water for washing the baby’s face or other areas of his body. Well, bathing time is the good time for doing this. You can also take baby soap that contains mild and moisturized materials. Don’t forget to also ask the product recommendation from your pediatrician.

Second, you can avoid any scrub action or lotion products. Scrubbing the baby skin by towel is dangerous. It will give more irritate condition on his skin. You can tap their skin by towel for drying the skin after they bathed. Meanwhile for wiping their face, you can take softer cloth and wipe it by circular motions.

Besides that, don’t forget to skip the lotion. Cream and lotion for baby’s body can aggravate their skin surface. It will make the acne being worst. So, you only need baby soap for keeping your baby’s skin health.

Then, you have to avoid pinching action. You are forbidden to pinch or squeeze the acnes. As we know that this case also happens for adults. Sometimes people will pinch the acnes of their skin. After that, it can become worst than before. Not only being worst, the bacteria also will live on their skin after you pinched it.

Last, you need to be patient. It means you have to wait for several months to make it clear. As the explanation on previous paragraph, this acne problem will be resolved by itself. You only need to be patient for waiting the acne disappears. So, those all are some simple treatments that you can do for facing it.

When do you have to see the Doctor?

If you feel worried so much about this acne case, you can immediately see the doctor. Sometimes, what you assumed as acne is allergic reaction from your baby’s skin because of some products. The doctor will give you some reviews how to treat allergic skin case. They will also prescribe you some recommended remedies to be used. Finally, that’s all the discussion about baby acne.